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Caoling Geology & Ecology ParkIntroduction:

The 10 scenic spots of Caoling famous all over Taiwan are Penglai Falls, Broken Hill, Rocky Cliff, Water Shaded Cave, Frog Rock, Marvelous Cave, Dead Man Valley, Tongsin Fall, Beaded Pond, Brook Paradise. All the grand rocks, marvelous stone, falls or streams are not artificially carved or decorated but made by God and formed splendid natural landscape.

After 921 Earthquake, many of the natural landscape were changed. Looking up from the sand bars of Caoling Lake, the natural ecology is presenting with different scene and made itself a demonstrating place for geology and ecology education.


Traditional crafts-Gukeng is famous with bamboo and rock, and it seems that most of the residents in Gukeng can make bamboo arts and stone sculpture. Examples are bamboo cylinder, bamboo rack, bamboo serial bead, stone mortar, stone table, stone stool, and stone wall. They all display the skillful crafts of tradition of Caoling.

Traffic Information:

When going southward, take No. 3 Freeway and drive off Jhushan Interchange and head for downtown of Jhushan City, then turn to No. 149, 149B and 149A County Road of Jhushan and follow road signs to arrive Caoling. When going northward, drive off No. 3 Freeway at Meishan Interchange and follow No. 162 County Road, Tai 3 Highway and connect No. 149 A county road through Changhu to Guosi and arrive following road signs.

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