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Huashan Leisure AreaHuashan Leisure Area-Jogging Way, Huashan Educational Farm, Huashan Manual Paper Making


Huashan Leisure Area connects Caoling in its east and is in short distance with Janfusun Fancyworld Leisure area. Visitor can arrive here along Green Tunnel straight from Douliou and thereafter, go to Changhu, Caoling and Stone Wall Landscape area.

Along No. 149 County Road, there are lines of coffee tree. In the recent 5 years, it has become a new business. In Huashan Night Scene Area, one can taste coffee while watching night scene. It is romantic and pleasant.


Jogging Way –In the pleasure area, the Jogging Way is well planned. Fresh air, old trees and clusters of bamboo are full of pythoncidere and is very suitable for forest shower. There are many places suitable for camping, Bar-B-Q, picnic and excursion and offer visitors with multiple options.

Huashan Educational Farm –Since tea trees are growing in the mountain area, tourists are attracted to drink tea here. There are also tourist walkways, integrated with the surrounding tourist attractions.

Manual Paper Making – Gukeng Township has volume bamboo production. Branch of bamboo were used to make paper. The bamboo branches are immersed into lime water together with botanical dyes. This is a purely nature and manual paper making and is one of the traditional skills of Taiwan Culture.

Traffic Information:

Bus -
Take Taisi Bus from Douliou City for Shihciao and Guoliao and step down at Huashan Station. Take walkways for Fuhua Temple or Dingcu to the entrance (daily two shifts)
Take Taisi Bus at Dounan for Huashan (Daily 6 shifts)
Freeway 1:

Southward: Off Freeway at Dounan Interchange → Dounan → N0. 158 or 158B County road to Yongguang → No. 210 County Road → Huashan.
Northward: Off Freeway at Dalin Interchange → follow No. 162 County Road → No. 3 Provincial Highway to Meishan → connect No. 149 County Road → Huashan in total distance of 20 KM
Freeway 3
Northward: Off Freeway at Meishan Interchange → No. 162 County Road to Meishan → No. 149 County road → Huashan in total length of about 10KM
Southward: Get on Freeway No. 3 at Caotun and off Freeway at Gukeng Interchange → connect Tai No. 3 Highway to Yongguang → No. 210 County Road to Huashan in total length of 15KM.


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