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Green tunnel
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:::Green tunnel

Green tunnelIntroduction:

Located at Caili Bridge of Douliou, Tai No. 3 Provincial Highway heading for Yongguang, a green tunnel of 2 km long and mango tree of 50 years old along the road. The road was totally shaded by them. At side of the Green Tunnel, there is mini-train of Taiwan Sugar Corp. all the rails, stations and cars are of unique spatial culture. Gukeng Town Hall is planning to convert the place to be most romantic Lanshu Boulevard, integrating railway stations in the nearby landscape.

No matter you are coming here for sightseeing or having special program, like holding wedding party, you should not forget this beautiful and relaxing green tunnel.

Traffic Information:Along Tai No. 3 Highway from Douliou City to Yongguang.

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