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Living EnvironmentNegative Population Growth: There are 20 villages in this Township with a population of 39304 people, which later reduced to 36417 people. The negative growth was a result of the falling-behind in economy, culture, construction, and business. The younger generation became less willing to stay in town, and sought livings in urban areas.
EnvironmentAreas under governance include (1)Gukeng urban plan, (2) Tsao Ling town and street plan. After land appointed usage was announced, the limitations affected the expansion, and thus many old buildings still exist, which created varied views.
Local Living:
Gukeng Township is very agricultural-based, most locals only earn frugal living through farming. They have a conservative and routine lifestyle, and there is no public recreation center available while the current library is rather small. Most people rely on TV for entertainment.
Farming and Livestock Raising
The area of Gukeng Township is about 500 hectares, approximately 60 to 100 meters above sea-level. 50% percent of the arable land is owned by Taisugar, which grows mainly sugarcanes. This area is also suitable to grow rice, tobacco, kumquat, bamboos, and pineapple.
There is more than 10000 hectares of forestry in this Township, more than 5000 hectares are economic farmlands ruled under Yunlin County. The entire forestry is situated between 100 meters to 1750 meters above sea level. The main crops are Dendrocalamus latiflorus munro, makinoi, moso bamboo、and cedars. The local produce of Dendrocalamus latiflorus munro shoot is over 1/3 of Taiwan’s entire volume. However, the withering export market lead to the reduction of farm size, which brought serious impact to the local living.

Gukeng Township Office, Yunlin County
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