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 GeographyThe Township can be accessed via freeway, the 3rd Taiwan provincial road connects to Mei Shan in the south and Do Liou at north, where route 197 also directly connects. Route 201 connects Dong Ho and Gukeng, while Route 149 passes through Do Liou, Dong Ho, Ho Bao, Tsao Ling, Chang Hu, Hua Shang, and Mei Shan.At east lies Route 158A that stretches from Dou Nan, Gukeng, and Shan Feng, to Route 149A. Other routes, Route 210 and Route 208 that connect Do Nan, Yong Guan, Hua Shan, and Guei Tzai Tou, and Route 149 and Route 212 which connect Yong Guan to Guei Lin, are all available, yet the limited width of the roads no longer serve the growing frequency of traffic.

The Second Expressway shall pass the central area of Gukeng, and East-West Expressway will start from Gukeng to the coastal areas of Tai Hsi. The Township’s access problems will be eliminated when the construction plans are complete

The Gukeng Township Office administrative division contains twenty Village, including Shueiduei Village、Tiansin Village、Gukeng Village、Yongchang Village、Yongguang Village、Siping Village、Gaolin Village、Caoling Village、Hebaocuo Village、Donghe Village、Mayuan Village、Chaoyang Village、Sinjhuang Village、Cipan Village、Gueilin Village、Kanjiao Village、Huashan Village、Huanan Village、Jhanghu Village、Nanzai Village.




Gukeng Township Office, Yunlin County
No.40, Jhongshan Rd., Gukeng Township, Yunlin County 64650, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Tel:+886-5-5826320

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