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Tea garden In April, 1684, Gukeng was governed
under Da Li Wu Chuang (current Dou Nan) and
Dou Liou , both are of Chu Luo County (current Chiayi) 。

In 1764, Chu Luo County was rebuilt as an administrative division for governance, and Gukeng was governed under Da Li Wu Bao and Dou Liou Men Bao.

By 1875, Taiwan went from 3 Ting, 4 Counties, 1 Fu, to 4 Ting, 8 Counties, and 2 Fu.
This township was under the governance of Da Mao Dong King Bao (current Min Shong), Do Liou Men Bao, and Ta Li Wu Bao.

During Japanese Colonization, Gukeng area was governed by Chu Chang Suo of Yunlin County. In 1926, offices were set in Dou Liou, Hsi Luo, Tu Ku and Pei Kang, all under governance of Chiayi County. This Township was under Dou Liou office, governed by Do Liou Bao, Da Li Wu Bao, and Da Mao Dong Ding Bao


Gukeng Township Office, Yunlin County
No.40, Jhongshan Rd., Gukeng Township, Yunlin County 64650, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Tel:+886-5-5826320

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